Sunrise and Sunset data for Christchurch
  Yesterday Today Tomorrow 
Dawn 6:41am 6:42am 6:43am 
Sunrise 7:11am 7:12am 7:13am 
Solar Noon 12:28pm 12:27pm 12:27pm 
Sunset 5:45pm 5:43pm 5:42pm 
Dusk Ends 6:13pm 6:12pm 6:11pm 

Daylight 10hrs, 33 mins, 58 secs 10hrs, 31 mins, 16 secs 10hrs, 28 mins, 35 secs 
Visible Light 11hrs, 32 mins, 33 secs 11hrs, 29 mins, 59 secs 11hrs, 27 mins, 26 secs 
Darkness 12hrs, 28 mins, 33 secs 12hrs, 31 mins, 8 secs 12hrs, 33 mins, 40 secs 

Moonrise 4:56pm 5:14pm 5:34pm 
Moonset 5:01am 6:04am 7:09am 

Daylight today is 2 minutes & 42 seconds shorter than yesterday

Daylight tomorrow will be 2 minutes & 41 seconds shorter than today

Next Event : Sunset in 4 hours and 1 minutes

Winter Solstace is June 21, 2024, Summer Solstace is December 22, 2024

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Dusk Ends6:01pm5:34pm5:36pm6:00pm6:31pm8:05pm8:46pm9:29pm9:49pm
The data above is calculated for the first of each month. Daylight savings are taken into account in the calculations.