Wednesday December 6, 2017
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 12am17.0 °C
Temperature 6am15.0 °C
Temperature 12pm21.9 °C
Temperature 6pm18.3 °C
High Temperature22.5 °Cat 01:26pm
Low Temperature14.9 °Cat 06:04am
Average Temperature18.1 °C
Temperature Range7.6 °C
High Dew Point16.1 °Cat 11:59am
Low Dew Point12.3 °Cat 06:04am
High Humidity87.0 %at 02:12am
Low Humidity65.0 %at 01:27pm
Heating Degree Days1.2
Cooling Degree Days0.8
Growing Degree Days14.7
Rainfall Today0.0 mm
Last Rain DetectedMay 23, 2018 3:27pm
Lowest Wind Chill-10.1 °Cat 08:01am
Wind Run115.3 km
Solar And Light
High UV8 at 12:37pm
Solar Radiation1027 W/m^2at 12:38pm
High Pressure1019.0 hPaat 12:00am
Low Pressure1018.0 hPaat 03:00am